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How to Bypass School WiFi Restrictions

Ways to Easily Bypass School WiFi Restrictions

At times, using WiFi at schools becomes inevitable. Whether you need to quickly search a topic, or you want the instant connection to the school’s portal for accessing any content. However, schools are increasingly restricting WiFi availability to the students within the premises. It means you literally have to input efforts to bypass WiFi restrictions at school.

Why Schools Restrict WiFi

Although, many schools offer WiFi connectivity at the premises. However, they usually restrict students’ access to a lot of websites. Usually, they restrict social media websites, Netflix, Torrent, and other such platforms that potentially spoil the students and waste their precious time. Some schools also keep track of students’ browsing activities by logging their online details. They also limit access to gaming sites and other platforms that may consume a lot of data, so as to prevent excessive data usage and the subsequent speed lags. However, some schools may also restrict student’s access to study groups and related forums which, in turn, troubles them in situations where they need to quickly communicate with other students.

How To Bypass School WiFi Restrictions

The best, perhaps the only viable way of bypassing WiFi restrictions without alerting school authorities is the use of VPN services. As known, VPNs work by masking your online identity. Hence, anyone logging your online details would be bluffed by the cover details provided by the VPN. Thus, you can easily bypass all WiFi restrictions employed by school authorities.

This solution is applicable for all devices, including smartphones, desktop, and laptop computers. Nonetheless, it would then be solely your responsibility to use this service wisely. Make sure not to access any website that may get you in trouble upon possible physical examination of your device.

Choosing VPNs To Use At School

While you may find many services offering free VPN for school, you cannot just install any VPN app because, if it is not robust enough, it may leak your details to the school officials. This, as a result, may cause even more damage to your reputation. So, always look for the following features before choosing a VPN.

  • No usage logging policy
  • Strong encryption protocol
  • Optimized for best speed and uninterrupted connectivity
  • Ability to deal with ISP throttling
  • Provision to bypass content geo-restrictions
  • Affordable price

Some good VPNs that you may choose to use at school include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, and Private Internet Access. If you really need to bypass WiFi restrictions at school for legit reasons, then these VPNs might help you.