Student Drop-off and Pick-up Plan


Please, drop off earlier and pick up later. If you arrive prior to 7:40 a.m. and do not arrive for pick up until after 3:00 p.m. it keeps cars from simply taking up space or blocking others.

»Student Drop-off and Pick-up Plan

If possible, please carpool to reduce the number of cars near the school!

Students can and should be picked up and dropped off directly from Morning View Drive along the right side/green curb, entering and exiting the vehicle from the right side.  Students can enter the campus from the main, cafeteria or theater gates, and office hallway.

The number one rule in any school drop off is to continue to pull forward as space is made available to allow as many cars in behind you as possible.

1.    We would like reduce the number of student drivers if possible.  Please continue to drop off your student if they recently got their license or are non-seniors, as we don’t have parking to accommodate additional cars.
•    No parking can occur along the green curb on the right side of Morning View Drive during pick up and drop off hours.  This area can be used for parking by parents after 8:30 for meetings or to access the office.
•    No student parking is allowed in the Methodist church lot.  We have an agreement for staff parking in this lot that we do not want to jeopardize by having students park there, otherwise we make our problem worse.

Also, THANK YOU for making everything work the last few weeks.  Largely things have gone more smoothly than anticipated.

Patrick Miller

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