Malibu High

The new schedule, known as block scheduling allowed students the chance to spend more time in their classes thanks to increased period lengths. The amended scheduled allowed teachers to extend lessons and instruction for students. Students were also given an additional support period to ask their teachers questions and work on homework at school.

Students used the block schedule for the last several months of the school year, and were recently given the opportunity to express their feelings on the matter while they completed the Student Voices Survey sponsored by the Associated Student Body and School Site Council.

Students were asked, “Do you use the support period to finish homework and get help?” Of the more than 700 students who completed the survey over 68% either agreed or strongly agreed. The students were even more enthusiastic about block scheduling when they were asked if they enjoyed block scheduling more than 71% either agreed or strongly agreed.

Students were also given an opportunity to share their thoughts on block scheduling, and shared a number of reasons why they enjoyed it, ranging from more help from teachers, more time to work on projects in art classes, to a well received change of pace. Largely the students mentioned the positive impact it had on homework. Block scheduling allowed students to have more time to finish assignments at school or an extra day at home. This was particularly helpful for students with extracurricular activities such as late baseball games, to keep up with their work.

The Malibu High School Community has much to consider on the topic of Block Scheduling, but as far as the students are concerned, they are ready to block!