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Chemistry HP
Week  of January 6-10, 2014                                      Quiz on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014
 Monday: Pupil Free Day
HW: 1) 
Tuesday: Notes: Chemical Reactions
Word Equations, Formula Equations, Balancing
CW: Worksheet B
HW: 1) Worksheet A
Wednesday: Chemical Reaction Demos
Write word equations and balanced chemical equations of demos
CW/HW: 1) Worksheets C & D

 Thursday: Lab: Chemical Equations 
HW:  1) Worksheet E

 Friday: Quiz: Writing a Balanced Chemical Equation

Week  of December 9-13, 2013        Final Exam on WED. DEC. 18...Chapters 1-6
 Monday: World of Chemistry Video: The Mole
Notes: Molecular Formulas
HW: 1) Pg 194 #96, 98 + chem P problems Pg 349 # 143, 145, 149, 150
Tuesday: Notes: Hydrate Formulas
HW: 1) Worksheet G
Wednesday: Lab: Formula of a Hydrate
HW: 1) Finish Lab
        2) Pg 194 # 83, 87, 95, 102-110 even, 116, 118

 Thursday: Go over and turn in lab: Formula of a Hydrate
Final Exam Review...Review Packet Pg 1 & 2 
HW:  1) Review Packet Pg 3...finish Pg 1 & 2 if needed

 Friday: Final Exam Review Packet Pg 4
HW: Final Exam Review Packet Pg 5

Week  of December 2-6, 2013                     Quiz Friday: Mole Conversions
 Monday: Notes: Mole Conversions
HW: 1) Pg 190 #18, 25-29 odd (46, 52, 62, 66) (a's & b's Only)

Tuesday: Notes: Molar Mass and Percent Composition
HW: 1) Pg 192 # 58, 70-76 even, 80, 82
Wednesday: Lab: Mole Calculations
HW: Finish Lab

 Thursday: Notes: Empirical Formulas
HW:  1) Read Pgs 178-181. Do Pg 193 # 84-94 even, not 86 

 Friday: Quiz: Mole Conversions
World of Chemistry Video: The Mole
HW: Review for Final Exam

Week  of November 25-29, 2013                      Nomenclature Test on MONDAY

 Monday: Test: Nomenclature
HW: 1) Read and Outline Pgs 161-167.  Do Pg 190 #26-30 even

Tuesday: Chemical Quantities Group Activity
HW: 1) None
Wednesday: Test Corrections Ch 4
HW: None...enjoy the holiday...get some rest and eat some yummy food!

HW:  1) 


Week  of November 18-22, 2013             Quiz Wednesday 11/20 
                                                            Nomenclature Test Monday 11/25     
 Monday: Photo Collage of Everyday Items: picture, chemical name & formula
Stamp and Go over Worksheet D
CW: Worksheet E
HW: 1) Worksheet E

Tuesday: Stamp and Go over Worksheet E
Nomenclature of Acids: Binary and Oxy
HW: 1)  Worksheet F
Wednesday: Quiz: Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds and Polyatomic Ions
Stamp and Go over Worksheet F 
Review: Mixed Nomenclature Worksheet H
HW: 1) Worksheet G Acids and finish CW

 Thursday: Lab: Nomenclature of Household Items
Stamp and Go over Worksheets G & H
HW:  1) Worksheet I Mixed Nomenclature

 Friday: Stamp and Go over Worksheet I
HW: Prepare for Monday's Test on Nomenclature

Week  of November 11-15, 2013             

 Monday: Holiday: No School
HW: 1) 

Tuesday: Nomenclature: Binary Ionic Compounds
HW: 1)  Top Half of Worksheet A & B
Wednesday: Nomenclature: Naming Binary Ionics with Transition Metals
Writing formulas for binary ionic compounds
HW: 1) Bottom half of Worksheets A & B

 Thursday: Nomenclature: Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions
Polyatomic Ion Sheet and Flashcards
Lab: Writing Formulas
HW:  1) Worksheet C

 Friday: Stamp and Go over Worksheet C and Lab
Notes: Covalent Compounds
CW: Worksheet D

Week  of November 4-8, 2013            
                                                               Lab Quiz MON.-Calculating Atomic Mass
                                                                                 Chapter 4 Test: WED., NOV 6
                                                                            Chapter 4 Work Packet due WED 

 Monday: Lab quiz: Calculating Atomic Mass
Stamp and Go over Bohr Diagrams
Return Thursday's Quiz: Atomic Structure
Begin Lab Station Review Activity-Atomic Strucuture
HW: 1) Study for Ch 4 test on WED
       2) Review Packet on website under "Powerpoints/Handouts"

Tuesday: Lab Station review Activity-Atomic Structure
Get Stamped
HW: 1)  Study for Ch 4 Test tomorrow
       2)  Assemble and Staple Ch 4 Work packet...due tomorrow
       3) Review Packet & Answers on website under "Powerpoints &
Wednesday: Chapter 4 Test
HW: 1)

 Thursday: Chapter 5: Molecules and Compounds aka Nomenclature
HW:  1)

 Friday: Ch 5 Nomenclature

Week  of October 28-November 1, 2013             Quiz on Thursday: Atomic Structure
                                                              Next Week: Lab Quiz MON.on  Atomic Mass
                                                                                 Chapter 4 Test: WED., NOV 6 
 Monday: Collect 3 labs from last week
CW: Pg 117-119 # 54-84 even
HW: 1) finish CW

Tuesday: Notes: 
  • 3 Isotopes of Hydrogen
  • Nuclide symbols with charges
  • Avg. Atomic Mass
Vote on Atomic Histroy Books
Return Labs and Go over, time permitting
HW: 1)  Worksheet 4B
Wednesday: Lab: Average Atomic Mass of Beanium
HW: 1) Finish Lab

 Thursday: Quiz: Atomic Structure
  • Ion Names and Symbols
  • Chem. demos by Mike
HW:  1) Ion Names and Symbols for elements 1-20

 Friday: Lab: Bohr Diagrams
HW: Finish Bohr Diagrams
Atomic Mass of Beanium Lab Quiz on Monday

Week  of October 21-25, 2013               
 Monday: Notes: Atomic Structure, Atomic #, Mass #
Nuclide Names and Nuclide Symbols
HW: 1) Worksheet 4A

Tuesday: Isotope Activity: Drawings
Constructing Isotopes and Photo Collage
HW: 1) Pg 115-117 #30-42 even, 52
Wednesday: Lab: Atomic History and Electron Dart Probability
HW: 1)  Finish Lab
       2) Read Pgs 99-103.  Complete the notepage "4.6 Periodic Law..."

 Thursday: Lab:  Element Investigation
Periodic Table Activity
HW:  1) Finish Color Coding Periodic Table

 Friday: Lab: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid
HW: 1) None

Week  of October 14-18, 2013               Specific Heat of Cu Lab Quiz on Tues., Oct 15
 Monday: Begin History of the Atom Book:
Read 4.1-4.3
Complete Graphic Organizer on Philosophers and Scientists
HW: 1) Review for lab quiz Specific Heat of Copper

Tuesday: Lab Quiz: Specific Heat of Copper
History of the Atom Book
Scientists Assigned...Compose Scientist Page
HW: 1) Print out picture of your scientist and finish Scientist Page
Wednesday: PSAT period 1-3
HW: 1)  None

 Thursday: Great Shake Earthquake Drill
Share Scientist Pages and Assign Book Groups
Assemble History of the Atom Book
HW:  1) 

 Friday: Notes: Atomic Structure
HW: 1) 

Week  of October 7-11, 2013                                    Ch 3 Test on Friday, October 11 
                                                           Specific Heat of Cu Lab Quiz on Mon., Oct 14
 Monday: Heat Capacity Review: Pg 85 # 73-85 odds...check answers in back of textbook
HW: 1) Pg 81-86 #15, 21, 47, 55, 61, 87, 89, 101
       2) Review for Thursday's Test Ch 3
Tuesday: Lab: Heat Capacity
HW: 1) Finish Lab
       2) Study for Ch 3 Test on Thursday

Wednesday: Notes and Problem on Heat Transfer
Go over Hw from Mon #89 & 101
Go over Lab Specific Heat of Cu

HW: 1) Pg87 #102
       2) Study for Ch 3 test tomorrow

 Thursday: Lab Station Review Activity
HW:  1) Study for tomorrow's test

 Friday: Ch 3 Test
HW: 1) Lab Quiz on Monday: Specific Heat of Cu

Week  of September - October 4, 2013                    Lab Quiz on Thursday
                                                                           Ch 3 Quiz on Friday
 Monday: Poster Presentation: Separating a Mixture
HW: 1) Lab Pre-write- highlight materials and summarize procedures
Tuesday: Lab: Observing Changes in Matter
HW: 1) Read and Outline 3.7-3.9 Do Ex and SB 3.4-3.6 & CP 3.2-3.3
       2) Add terms to vocab list

Wednesday: Video and Questions: World of Chemistry-The Periodic Table
Notes: Conservation of Mass - IUPAC
HW: 1) IUPAC names and chemical symbols for elements 112-125

 Thursday: Lab Quiz: Observing Changes in Matter
Notes 3.8-3.12 Energy and Heat Capacity
HW:  1) Pg 85 #72-84 even use table on pg 71

 Friday: Ch 3 Quiz
Review Heat Capacity
HW: Enjoy the Weekend

Week  of September 23-27, 2013                    Elements Quiz on Monday, Sept. 23
                                                                  Separating a Mixture Lab on Thurs. Sept 26
 Monday: Quiz: Elements
Safety Contract
Separation Methods and Set-ups
HW: 1) Signed Safety Contract...must have signed safety contract in order to             participate in labs
       2) Rough Draft of Procedural Steps for separating a mixture of sand, salt            and iron filings

Tuesday: Notes: Chemical Properties and Changes
Separating a Mixture Lab: In lab Groups, compose an equipment list, data table and determine the calculations to be performed
HW: 1) type up Title through Procedures
       2) Pg 82 # 29-33 odd

Wednesday: Go over HW and Stamp
Stamp Typed portion of lab
Lab Groups: 
Assemble filtration and evaporation set-ups
HW: 1) Type Data Table(s) into lab...bring typed lab to class tomorrow
       2) Pg 82-83 # 35-41 odd

 Thursday: Lab: Separating a Mixture
Photo Collage
HW:  1) Type up lab: Title through Conclusion...
        Single Spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins

 Friday: Turn in Lab
Poster Construction (and Presentations?)
HW: Enjoy the Weekend

Week  of September 9-13, 2013                              Quiz on Monday, Sept 20: Elements
 Monday: Notes: Matter and Change; 3 physical states and 3 chemical classes
HW: Read and Outline Pgs 59-63 Do Ex & SB 3.2 & 3.3 & CP 3.1
Vocab list cornell note format

Tuesday: Activity: Element, Compound or Mixture?
Lab:  Classification of Matter

HW: 1) cut up element flashcards
       2) fill in chemical symbols on white sheet
       3) element bingo cards

Wednesday: Lab:  Thickness of Al foil
HW: Read and Outline Pg 64 Do Ex & SB 3.4 and CP 3.2

 Thursday: Element Bingo
Notes: Techniques for Separating Mixtures
Ch 2 test returned and test corrections

HW:  Study element flashcards...quiz on Monday

 Friday: Physical Properties of Matter

Week  of September 9-13, 2013        Ch. 2 Test on Wednesday, September 11, 2013
 Monday: Review DA I-IV: Group activity and worksheet
HW: Pg 42-50 # 30 a,b, 32a,b, 39, 44, 48, 67, 88a, 93, 97, 99, 101, 102, 119
3/4 -1 page typed conclusion due tomorrow...Measurement and Graphing

Review for Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday 
HW: Study

Wednesday: Chapter 2 Test

Finish Lab Equipment Set-ups
Bunsen Burner and Stricker Practice
Ch 2 Workpacket cover sheet
New Unit: Matter and Change?


Week  of September 2-6, 2013                                                 
Notes: Significant Figures DA Part IV
HW: Worksheet DA IV
Lab: Density
HW: finish lab
Admissions Day-NO SCHOOL
 Friday: Turn in Density Lab
Lab: Measurement and Graphing
Typed Conclusion due Tuesday

Week  of August 26-30, 2013                                                 
 Monday: Data Table for Lab: Qualitative vs Quantitative
Notes: Dimensional Analysis I
CW: Wrksht DA I
HW: Typed lab report: Data Table and Discussion Qts 
Turn-in Lab: Qualitative vs Quantitative
Notes: Unitsville DA II
CW/HW: Wrksht DA II
Notes: Accuracy vs Precision, % Error and  DA III
HW: Wrksht DA III
Lab: Beaker and Flask Accuracy
HW: finish lab
Lab Equipment Activity

Week  of August 19-23, 2013                  
 Monday: NO SCHOOL
 Tuesday: NO SCHOOL
 Wednesday: NO SCHOOL
 Thursday: Syllabus
Lab: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 
HW:  Finish lab discussion questions

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